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Cloud 360 Professional  Program  is about helping making YOU CareerReady in the shortest time possible.

The Cloud 360 Professional Program is developed through consultation with Academic Experts, leading CIO’s and HR professionals, who see the gaps in the Australian Education System, skilled IT professionals and the opportunities in the Australian IT industry.

Our program will train you in becoming not only competent but confident in all areas of IT for your tomorrow’s job.

By providing you with quality training and coaching in IT, soft-skills and career management, we guarantee to place you in the IT industry.


Quality Training

Training at the IT Futures gives you assistance in achieving your identified outcomes, with continuous improvement we expect to improve candidate performance.

Job Assistance

Finding a job can be a challenging task. Our recruitment consultant will guide you through all the steps from preparing your resume for your ideal job, what jobs to target and how to tackle the interview. That’s right! You don’t need to go anywhere else for that.

Career Guidance

Its one of a kind program designed to provide a comprehensive experience that helps candidates based on their resources! It is an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements within the industry.

Industry Experience

By providing you with quality training and coaching in IT, soft-skills and career management and good industry contacts, we can help our candidate to get some hands-on industry experience.

Instill Skills

Our goal at ITFutures is to launch well rounded skills ready, teach ready & job ready candidate who not only is knowledgeable but is also able to make good decision ahead in their work life. Its a powerful way to build self esteem, provide real credentials, and simply put our candidates up for success.

Confidence / Communication

Confidence is knowing what youre good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to others, and research shows that 92% of people fear something about job interviews. At ITFutures, we not only take you through technical training, but provide you an environment and support, to continuously improve confidence and communication skills, a combination of which is a winning formula.




The Cloud360 Professional Program is available in 5 streams.

See below to learn more about each stream in detail.



Network Admin
Your 1st Network Job
per week

CompTIA A+

Cisco CCNA

CompTIA Linux+

ITIL Foundation

Cisco CCNP

Server Admin
Break into the IT industry
per week

CompTIA A+


MCSA Server 2012 R2

ITIL Foundation

Windows OS

Security Admin
Got 12 months+ experience?
per week


Project Associate
Lead a team of the next big IT project
per week

ITIL Foundation





Classroom Training

Instructor-led Classroom Training

Includes All Books / Courseware

No more to pay!

We place you in paid employment


Certification Fees

Certification Exam fees included

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own speed

Small Class Sizes

Get individual support with small size classes

Support Staff

Dedicated support staff to help you all the way.

Industry Experts

Learn face to face from Industry Experts

Online Learning

Continue your learning with online home access to all the resources

24/7 Private Cloud

Use your own Cloud from anywhere, anytime

*Prices are based on Full Price divided over 52 equal weekly payments. 
Network Admin; $249.90c x 52 weeks = $12995
Server Admin; $269.13c x 52 weeks = $13995
Cloud Admin; $307.60c x 52 weeks = $15995
Security Admin; $346.06c x 52 weeks = $17995
Project Associate; $384.52 x 52 weeks = $19995




TechReady-e1403679460245 CareerReady-Logo-e1403679508392 SkillsReady-e1403679401309


Watch what some of our past success stories have said about the program


ITFutures helped to get this Job (Sys. Engineer) by providing Internship & later the company offered a job.

Tarik M


With ITFutures help, I successfully got a position as IT Support Level 2 at Conga Foods.

Guleed J
Conga Foods

They (ITFutures) kept their promise of finding me a career path in IT.

Prathiba S
Dimension Data

ITFutures was a great choice. They offered a full solution by giving quality training, internship and job.

Richard V

They sent my resume and arranged my interview and helped me prepare for the interview and helped me get the job from fixing my resume to arranging my interview and contract for me.

Chandru K

I am very Satisfied and give all the credit to ITFutures to get me a decent job.

Aman H

Training was really good. Trainers are professional and have good knowledge.

Adam L
Kinetic IT


Amita K

I did everything ITFutures recommended and my career started not long after that.

Vinoth K
Dimension Data


Thanks ITFutures! I really loved the training and the trainers.

Tarik M


A new initiative from ITFutures: To support you in your quest for employment and personal career development. From writing the targeted Cover Letter to interview workshops, tips and techniques, we will work with you, guide you and get you ready for the leap into your future.
The program includes;
  • Writing the targeted Cover Letter
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Where to look for employment
  • Learn about the 'hidden' job market
    • Interview coaching:
      • Grooming
    • Manners and etiquette
    • How to improve your chance of getting that interview
    • What to do before you step inside the Interview room
    • How to answer 'typical' and 'not so typical' questions
      • Feedback from your Interviewer (if possible)
    • Debriefing sessions
    • and more!



Who should enroll for this program?

People serious about a career in IT. We get a large variety of people choosing this program from university graduates IT and non-IT, IT professionals wanting to make a shift to the technical side, professionals working in other industries and anyone who is passionate about IT.

How long does it take to complete the program?

How soon you complete the program depends on you. Upon signing up, the Course Adviser will create a training plan for you based on your preferences. If you follow the training plan and attend all the training sessions, you should be able to complete the course in 6 months.

What does job guarantee mean?

It literally means that we guarantee that upon successful completion of your course, you will get a job. Its as simple as that. The formula is you do your certifications, attend all the soft skills sessions, attend CareerReady, SkillsReady and TechReady there is no reason why you won’t get a job.

What does the package include?

Everything. Training, exams, courseware, career consultation, work placement and training resits.

I can’t afford to pay that much?

There are payment plans available which can be designed based on the financial commitment you want to make. The course adviser will inform you of the payment plans.

What’s the guarantee that I will get the job?

Your contract will clearly stipulate all the terms, including the clause covering the job guarantee. That said, the training and support you receive from IT Futures, along with our strong industry connections, you are guaranteed to get a job.

What sort of career guidance will I get this in this program?

Your career guidance starts from day 1. Upon enrollment, you will meet with a recruitment consultant who will ask some questions about your career/ educational history, your future goals and ideal job. Furthermore, you will get guidance on what a resume should be like and how to target it to the jobs. All this on the first day. Throughout your course, you will attend sessions like CareerReady, SkillsReady and TechReady which will prepare you for all aspects of job application.

How can I find more about Cloud 360 Program?

We hold one seminar fortnightly alternating between evening and weekend. Dates of the seminar are posted in the upcoming section on the website. If you are unable to make it for the group seminar, you can request to book in a one-on-one consultation with the course adviser.

What if I don’t have an IT background?

Having an IT background is not necessary to enroll in this program. We get students from various educational streams including Management, Hospitality, Accounting and many more. All you are required to have is basic computer knowledge.

What’s unique about this program?

Rather than you working around the program, the program works around you. While the technical content remains similar, you will have a personalized training plan, a personalized recruitment plan and a personalized career plan. We identify what you need and based on that, provide you the right solutions tailored to your need. That has to be unique.

How can I choose between different Cloud 360 Pro packages?

Please see the Programs link above to see the different programs to help you choose the right career path for your future in IT.

Do you provide Internships?

Yes we do. We realize that some candidates need to get their first experience working in the industry or need to brush up their skills. Being a member of Australian Internships Industry Associations, we are able to provide you internships at various host organisations.

If I have already done my Masters, do I still need to enroll for certifications?

Industry certifications are very different to qualifications such as Masters, covering both theoretical and practical application. Furthermore, certifications are considered as validation of your skill, hence you need to enroll for certifications.

Is there financial assistance for this program?

The course adviser will provide you with all the information regarding pricing during the information session. We do have payment plan options available.

Are the Instructors, Coaches and Recruiters at IT Futures certified?

Absolutely. All our trainers and recruiters are certified from the official vendors and associations. But even more importantly, they are certified to train and instruct. Eg. IT Futures instructors are MCT, CCSI, VCAI and CTT+

What if I have already done a few certifications?

That’s great. One important thing when looking for jobs is having valid and current certifications. If you have certified or re certified recently, then you will be able to get credit for those certifications. Please speak to the course adviser if you wish to seek credit for recently completed certifications.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

While there are no qualification prerequisites for this program, you are expected to have basic Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills and have a basic understanding of computers and the use of computers. The rest, we teach you.


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